• Bolungarvík


English for Tourists.

Bolungarvík is a fishing village with about 900 residents. Fisheries have always been important for the residents and their survival for centuries. The surroundings of Bolungarvík are quite popular destinations for hiking, biking, fishing and bird watching (www.bolungarvik.is, bolungarvik@bolungarvik.is, facebook.com/bolungarvik, twitter.com/brimbrjotur, tel. 4507000).

Ósvör – Maritime Museum
The Ósvör Maritime Museum in Bolungarvík is a restored fishing hut which is reminiscent of the old days of rowboat fishing. The museum contains a double 19th century fishing base, salt hut, fish drying area and drying hut. Among the pieces displayed there is the rowboat Ölver that gives a good idea of the kind of ships that were used for fishing in past years. In the museum are also for display all kinds of fishing equipment and various tools that were used for fishing and fish production at the time of the fishing base - www.bolungarvik/osvor.  

Bolafjall – Panoramic Mountain View
Bolafjall Mountain, rising 638 meters high, is approachable by road during July to August. On the top of the mountain is locateded an former US radar station now operated by the Icelandic Coast Guard. Apart from that ;) there's nothing there except the sharp mountain edges with nothing to hold on to or stop you from falling down into the abyss, so extreme caution is strongly advised. The view from the top is completely overwhelming. 

Public Swimming Pool – Hot Tubs
The local indoor Swimming Pool is a real treat with steam room, a room for relaxation and outdoor Hot Tubs and a Water Slide. One can rent towels and swimsuits. 

Bjarnabúð – Traditional Store Since 1927
Verslun Bjarna Eiríkssonar, nicknamed Bjarnabúð, has been in business since 1927 and is one of the oldest stores in Iceland. Up close and personal, that's how it is.  

Camping Site – Washing Facilities
The Camping Site is located on the riverbank of Hólsá by the Swimming Pool. The Site gives access to a washing machine, electricity (220 volts, Schuko CEE types), rest rooms and service from the Pool on opening hours (tel. +354 456 7381). 


Skálavík – Black Beach
Skálavík is a river valley and an inlet with a black beach pondered by the heavy waves of the open seas. Anyone who has been there has been to Iceland. Skálavík is a unique natural beauty with many diverse hiking paths. 

Einarshús – Historic House – Restaurant
Einarshús stands near the pier Lækjarbryggja in Bolungarvík Harbor and was built in 1904. On the first floor of the house is a restaurant wich specializes in seafood dishes. In the basement there are many intresting things such as the steering wheel of the French sailing ship Pourquoi Pas? IV (Why not?) which stranded on the shores of Iceland. Einarshús is occasionally referred to as the house of sorrow and happiness (www.einarshusid.is, info@einarshusid.is, tel. 4567901). 

Drymla Local Handicrafts
Many of Drymla´s products are handknitted from Icelandic wool with special Icelandic patterns. Every garment is unique. Drymla is also an information center for Bolungarvík (www.facebook.com/drymla, tel. 8957403). 

The Harbor – The Heart of the Village
The Harbor is mainly a fishing port where fishing vessels bring in their catch. Its location being so close to a priceless fishing grounds is unique (hafnarvog@bolungarvik.is, tel. 8944866). 

The Westfjords Botanical Gardens
The Westfjords Botanical Gardens preserve Icelandic species of plants from the Westfjords unique flora and help people recognise and enjoy local plants (www.grasagardar.is, grasagardar@grasagardar.is, tel. 4567005).