• PIFF
  • 15. október 2021, 18:00 - 20:00, Félagsheimilið Bolungarvík, 0 kr.

Crossword, The Dress, Sonny, Opus Magnum og MVP

The Pigeon International Film Festival (PIFF) er alþjóðleg kvikmyndahátíð með myndum sem ætlað er endurspegla menningu og tungumál þjóða.

Hátíðin í ár verður á Ísafirði og í Bolungarvík frá 14.-17. október 2021. Á hverju ári er tekið fyrir eitt land, og í ár eru myndir frá Póllandi í fókus.

Eftirfarandi myndir verða sýndar kl. 18:00 föstudaginn 15. október 2021 í Félagsheimili Bolungarvíkur. Frítt er á sýninguna. Myndirnar eru á pólsku með enskum texta.  

Poland Short film 15:00
A crossword is a puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white and black squares. The game's goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, . An old man is solving a crossword containing various clues. Some of them are easier, some tougher, but they are all related to events in his life. Is it just a way to kill the time or maybe it's going to be something more important for him?

The Dress
Directed by Tadeusz Łysiak
Poland Short film 30:00
Lust, sexuality and physicality. These are the deepest desires virgin Julia suppresses while working at a wayside motel. That is until she crosses paths with a handsome truck driver, who soon becomes the object of her fantasies...

Directed by Pawel Chorzepa
Poland Doc 45.00
This film is a very subtly told story about a difficult love between father and son as well as the image of a constant struggle for freedom. There are not many words, these are gestures and actions that speak about a family relationship. Marcin – our main character – has been deeply hurt by his parents. His mother drank during the pregnancy, so as a result he was born with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

Opus Magnum
Directed by Aleksander Makowski
Poland Animation 5:00
Opus Magnum is an illustrated stream of always wandering consciousness. The introspective film, narrated by its creator, deals with the issues of perfectionism and procrastination.

Directed by Artur Marcol
Poland Animation 4:00
The basketball champ is fighting with his biggest fear, with himself. He has to use his greatest skill, his stubbornness and will to fight.