• PIFF
  • 15. október 2021, 20:00 - 22:00, Félagsheimilið Bolungarvík, 0 kr.

My Heart, Quiet Now, Ricochets og Hi, How Are You

The Pigeon International Film Festival (PIFF) er alþjóðleg kvikmyndahátíð með myndum sem ætlað er endurspegla menningu og tungumál þjóða.

Hátíðin í ár verður á Ísafirði og í Bolungarvík frá 14.-17. október 2021. Á hverju ári er tekið fyrir eitt land, og í ár eru myndir frá Póllandi í fókus.

Eftirfarandi myndir verða sýndar kl. 20:00 föstudaginn 15. október 2021 í Félagsheimili Bolungarvíkur. Frítt er á sýninguna. Myndirnar eru á pólsku með enskum texta.

My Heart
Directed by DAMIAN KOCUR
Poland Short film 30:00
Rozalia is an actress. A professional opportunity makes it essential for her and her seven-year-old son, Kazik, to move from Warsaw to the small city of Wałbrzych in south-east Poland. The new city means a long-term contract of employment for her in the local theatre and a new school for Kazik. As they settle in, Rozalia begins to strike up a friendship with Kazik’s new teacher, Kazik. However, problems start cropping up at the school.

Quiet Now
Directed by Katarzyna Wisniowska
Poland Short film 20:12
Basia works as a guide in the salt mine and she treats her job very seriously. One day she takes around the trip of the deaf kids and their tutors. It forces her to adjust the tour script she always follows. Basia doesn’t have any control anymore and it doesn’t make her feel confident. Especially one little girl keeps causing chaos. Though chaos can be very illuminating…

Directed by Jakub Radej
Poland Short film 30:00
Poland, 1982, the politically heated days of communist martial law. Two coal miner brothers react differently to the oppressive police state. While Tadek (Tomasz Schuchardt) prefers to retreat into neutrality, Janek (Stanisław Linowski) chooses active engagement in the democratic underground.

Hi, How Are You
Poland Short Film 23:33
50-year-old Sławek quits his job. His day now consists of running errands for his wife or taking care of the house. Sometimes he wanders around the neighborhood looking for his missing cat. One day he meets Camilla, a rather peculiar girl who lives nearby. She promptly invites Sławek to stay in her garden.